Professional tinkerers, technicians, and engineers live here

With experience ranging from supporting fortune 100 companies and hundreds (or sometimes thousands) of users
across all platforms, if its broke, we've run into it before,maybe this week. If its slow, we can make it faster. If it
needs to be invented, were probably already working on it. If its bleeding edge and you want it, we want it too.
Were currently testing it. Ask us about our progress.

In progress - services

Trouble Tickets - completed 9.2016
Internal Email - completed 9.2016
Seamless accounts - 3.2017
Blog .- Current......
IT News feed - Current
File Storage- Testing 9-2-2016
Backup Suite - 1.2017
Streamline File/backup Storage - 3.2017
HTTPS across all domains - Testing
Better Integration 3.2017
Network Monitoring Suite - current
Al-A-Cart services/prices menu - Current
Seamless Sessions across domains - current

On-Site Services

Have us configure 1-5,000 computers. We'll design and install your network, create reliable wireless connetivity for your staff and your guests. We do VOIP, fileservers, firewalls, and any bespoke network services to fit your needs.

Offsite services

Backups for entire servers, desktops, or any part of your filesystems. Custom filesharing solutions so you can move away from outdated, insecure ways to get files moved across the office or across the country. Regular maintenence so you dont have to.

Monitoring & Remote services

We'll le you know when something breaks with custom notifications, like a text, email, or even a facebook message. Monitor File servers, camera systems, computers, and anything in between, as long as it connects to the network, or not.

What are we up to? Take a look.

On Site Service Area

On site services are currently Atlanta, Marietta, and Kennesaw, Georgia. At this time were working to build a solid foundation. When it becomes more of a focus, an interactive map will be made available as the service area grows and changes.

Favored side Project Embedded

Were doing a lot with physical automation via embedded computers. Like Raspberri Pi's, Arduinos and more. We'll be updating a blog page with more details of this and our many other random projects.

KickFlip Kulture is all about making awesome products from recycled skate gear such as rings, pendants, and a few other things. We're delighted to be working with them to help with their web presence.


A blog you say? Yeah, sometime not soon enough. Were also working on testing and tweaking our ticket, customer, technician, and "everything" databases and tables. And lastly, our file storage interface, so you can actually use it. Along with all that we'll also be posting up the blog.

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